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Real estate investment is gaining ground over other types of investments, mainly due to the low profitability of fixed-term deposits, an issue that is raised by various investors.

Investing in the real estate sector is usually an idea, which sooner or later, passes through the idea of ​​many people who want to make a profit from their savings.

However, it is not necessary to borrow excessively if you want to launch into investments in real estate.

For this reason, from BuySafe Property Asesores we want to tell you about the different investment options in the real estate sector without the need to borrow excessively.


If you have the ability to reform a property in a short period of time and you want to generate income quickly.

For this, you must find a property that can be reformed in a short time and that said reform allows the property to be revalued.

Therefore, in this regard it is essential to have technical advice that helps define a maximum budget for the reform.

In this case, it is also necessary to have professional advice regarding the taxes to be paid for this type of investment.


It is the most common type of real estate investment, especially among Spaniards. In this case, it is possible to obtain profitability or profit in the short or long term depending on whether the home is acquired at the time and it is available from a previous acquisition.

In this case, it is necessary to consider certain aspects, such as maintenance costs to avoid incurring losses.

Another important question is to decide if the management of the rental is going to be transferred to a company or it will be the owner himself who is in charge of that management.

To make this type of investment, it is best that you have the advice of experts in real estate issues.


Off-plan housing is a good investment for the future. When acquiring a property, it is necessary to take into account these circumstances that a price must be paid when acquiring a property, but in the coming years it could be sold at a higher price. Therefore, it is a very attractive investment.


This type of investment is another very common option among investors, it is about investing in business premises.

This type of investment is usually very profitable depending on the location of the property, and especially with the help of real estate experts in this regard.

From BuySafe Property Asesores we can help you throughout the process, whatever the type of real estate investment you decide, for this we have technical experts when it comes to carrying out a reform in the property, with advice on real estate brokerage with legal and financial experts so that the investment is as profitable as possible.

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It is very common to go to certain real estate portals or brokerage agencies for the purchase of real estate, although in many cases the purpose is only the sale of the property in question and many aspects that are essential for the sale to be successful are ignored. term and the buyer does not encounter unpleasant future surprises.

Therefore, certain situations must be taken into account in which it is essential to have a specialized professional, more than just a real estate intermediary.


In this case, the buyer and seller acquire a prior commitment (installments on account, reservations, down payments, etc …), and it is essential to go to a legal professional to have the advice of an expert before signing at the Notary.

It is the buyer who may be most affected in this regard if he does not have the correct advice from the beginning of the operation, since he will be the person obligated to pay and acquire the price for a property with all its circumstances, the person obligated to bear the corresponding taxes, and also the payment of intermediary commissions.

The documentation where the conditions and the delivery of money are reflected must be made or reviewed by a professional, it is what we call «deposit agreement», where the seller is given the agreed signal and the conditions are agreed to materialize the sale without problem. Likewise, the professional will compile the appropriate documentation for the signature in a Notary and will provide the appropriate advice so that the seller and the buyer agree on the terms and quantities of the sale.


The deposit agreement turns out to be one of the most complex and committed contracts, since in that contract it represents the sale and purchase with price delivery.

The type of deposit agreement that we can sign can be penitential, confirmatory or criminal depending on its content and conditions.

The signing of the deposit agreement cannot be left to anyone, because by the time the buyer is signed, he must already have absolute knowledge of each and every circumstance of the estate, physical, technical and legal.

The buyer before signing this document must have knowledge of all the registry aspects of the property that sometimes are not only known with a simple note, in many cases it is necessary to request a certification to see the history of the property, since there may be segregation or horizontal division problems.

In this regard, reference must be made to the owner or seller of that property, who in certain circumstances may have a former owner or several owners of the same property.

Likewise, at the signing of the down payment contract, you must have in your possession the certificate of urban use that reflects which with the urban circumstances of the farm, since these do not follow from the registry information and can only be corroborated by consulting the planning and possible affectations already present or future.

This precaution should be extreme in the event that we are interested in buying a farm on a plot, or in case of rustic properties. From this information we will also obtain the use and buildability of the farm to be acquired and from this, we can project the possibilities and expectations that we have in this regard.


One of the aspects of vital importance in advising on the buying and selling process is coherence is the coherence of surfaces that can be predicated of the same farm: the real, registry and cadastral surface. A difference between the real and the cadastral surface of more than 10% may lead to the need to carry out certain legal operations as a file with greater capacity. No less important is when the built surface registered in the Registry does not coincide with the real one, therefore it is essential to ensure that the construction to be carried out can be registered in the Registry without problems in favor of the buyer. For all this, on certain occasions it is necessary to have the appropriate certificates or administrative authorizations that are not always easily obtained and that the expense that this entails must be deducted from the purchase price.


In this case, special attention must be paid to possible breaches of delivery times, excesses in the price initially agreed and defects with respect to the agreed qualities, so all the specific regulations of the Ordination and Building Law must be applied. with requirement of guarantee and bond at the time of signing the contract, so that the buyer can demand automatic compliance with the clauses in his favor without having to resort to costly requirements and legal actions.


No less important is the acquisition of a commercial premises for the development of an economic activity, since in these cases, in addition to the urban study of the property or estate in question, it is necessary to pay special attention to the activity license and all the circumstances that this entails, as it can be the case of certain aspects with the communities of owners.


All the aforementioned is only intended to warn property buyers of the need for this well advised at all times by a specialized professional, this will provide all the security and guarantees that this type of case requires.

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Buying a home is such an important decision in our lives that, in many cases, we find ourselves lost due to a lack of knowledge and information about it. We are aware that it is necessary to have adequate advice to help us make the best decisions when buying a home. That is why we have compiled the necessary steps to acquire a home.                   

1. Search for the ideal property: the first decision to make is whether we want a new home or prefer a second-hand home. It is necessary to study the advantages and disadvantages that this type of housing offers us. On the one hand, a new home represents a saving in energy consumption as it is more efficient, but if it has numerous common areas, we should know that monthly expenses rise considerably in this regard. . In second-hand homes we know that they may need reforms in most cases, but we can buy them for a lower price.                                               

 2. Contact the sellers: it can be done directly with the private owner of the house, with real estate portals or with developers. Without a doubt, the best option is to contact a personal real estate shopper who will simplify all these steps and negotiate with knowledge the entire purchase with the owner.

3. Method of payment of the home: mortgage loan with the home purchased as collateral, cash payment with sufficient savings for them, deferred payment reaching an agreement with the seller or a mortgage subrogation.

4. Visit of the house: in this aspect we have little time to analyze what the house in question offers, we must pay attention to the orientation of the house, the electrical installation, the insulation, the noise, the possible hidden defects. That is why, here it is very necessary to have the advice of a professional who can assess the possible flaws that the house may have in the face of negotiating the price with the seller.

5. Down Payment Agreement and Deeds: The down payment contract is a guarantee for the buyer since if the seller does not comply with the agreement, he is obliged to return the amount delivered in duplicate to the buyer. On the other hand, the signing of the corresponding deeds is an indispensable step to formalize the act of the sale and register this figure in the Land Registry.

6. Taxes and Expenses: depending on whether a new or second-hand home is purchased, the taxes to be settled will be different; if it is a first-built home, the tax to pay is the VAT which is Spain at 10%. But if it is about buying a second-hand home, the tax is the ITP that will vary according to the Autonomous Community.


BuySafe Property is here to make this whole process quicker, easier and less expensive for the buyer. We are real estate specialists, and we have advisers in the different areas that are carried out in the sale process. We advise the client from the beginning of the search for the appropriate property until the sale is formalized and comes to fruition and supervising all the necessary subsequent documentation.


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If there is something we have been doing this whole lockdown time is, no doubt, being home and being able to enjoy them and our families. Because of this: “spending so much time at home has made us question what type of house we want, many have missed open air spaces to clear their minds, others quiet places for working and others wished they had better views”

Since lockdown begun, there has been a raise in the search of houses with balconies, terraces, good views and gardens.

Another housing typology that has registered a raise is the demand for properties located outside large cities, where there are more green spaces. According to data, since lockdown started the search for properties in capitals has descended, it was a 44% during January and drop to a 38% since lockdown started.
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The Coronavirus crisis has paralyzed every property sale. Up to a point in which until after the measures taken by the government are lifted, public notaries are only allowed to participate in urgent cases. Nonetheless, the moment will come in which all this is over. Then, as always, opportunities will come out of the crisis, in fact we are already witnessing a drop in the property prices.

The Spanish Association of Estate Personal Shoppers (AEPSI) is talking about a drop between an 8% and a 10% on the property price in Spain in the coming months. According to its president, prices will drop until the end of the year and it will be in the last quarter of 2020 when properties will reach the lowest price and by the beginning of next year when prices will start recovering.

Because of this, if you were thinking of buying a property, “everything points out to now, in 3 or 4 months, as being a better moment than it was in 2019”.


With the changes brought by the coronavirus, it is a buyers’ market, making an adjustment on the prices with a tendency to drop, pushing especially those who currently have liquid funds. Those wishing to buy shall pay attention to the opportunity window, it seems that this will be a good opportunity in the short and medium term.