Buying a home is such an important decision in our lives that, in many cases, we find ourselves lost due to a lack of knowledge and information about it. We are aware that it is necessary to have adequate advice to help us make the best decisions when buying a home. That is why we have compiled the necessary steps to acquire a home.                   

1. Search for the ideal property: the first decision to make is whether we want a new home or prefer a second-hand home. It is necessary to study the advantages and disadvantages that this type of housing offers us. On the one hand, a new home represents a saving in energy consumption as it is more efficient, but if it has numerous common areas, we should know that monthly expenses rise considerably in this regard. . In second-hand homes we know that they may need reforms in most cases, but we can buy them for a lower price.                                               

 2. Contact the sellers: it can be done directly with the private owner of the house, with real estate portals or with developers. Without a doubt, the best option is to contact a personal real estate shopper who will simplify all these steps and negotiate with knowledge the entire purchase with the owner.

3. Method of payment of the home: mortgage loan with the home purchased as collateral, cash payment with sufficient savings for them, deferred payment reaching an agreement with the seller or a mortgage subrogation.

4. Visit of the house: in this aspect we have little time to analyze what the house in question offers, we must pay attention to the orientation of the house, the electrical installation, the insulation, the noise, the possible hidden defects. That is why, here it is very necessary to have the advice of a professional who can assess the possible flaws that the house may have in the face of negotiating the price with the seller.

5. Down Payment Agreement and Deeds: The down payment contract is a guarantee for the buyer since if the seller does not comply with the agreement, he is obliged to return the amount delivered in duplicate to the buyer. On the other hand, the signing of the corresponding deeds is an indispensable step to formalize the act of the sale and register this figure in the Land Registry.

6. Taxes and Expenses: depending on whether a new or second-hand home is purchased, the taxes to be settled will be different; if it is a first-built home, the tax to pay is the VAT which is Spain at 10%. But if it is about buying a second-hand home, the tax is the ITP that will vary according to the Autonomous Community.


BuySafe Property is here to make this whole process quicker, easier and less expensive for the buyer. We are real estate specialists, and we have advisers in the different areas that are carried out in the sale process. We advise the client from the beginning of the search for the appropriate property until the sale is formalized and comes to fruition and supervising all the necessary subsequent documentation.


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