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The Coronavirus crisis has paralyzed every property sale. Up to a point in which until after the measures taken by the government are lifted, public notaries are only allowed to participate in urgent cases. Nonetheless, the moment will come in which all this is over. Then, as always, opportunities will come out of the crisis, in fact we are already witnessing a drop in the property prices.

The Spanish Association of Estate Personal Shoppers (AEPSI) is talking about a drop between an 8% and a 10% on the property price in Spain in the coming months. According to its president, prices will drop until the end of the year and it will be in the last quarter of 2020 when properties will reach the lowest price and by the beginning of next year when prices will start recovering.

Because of this, if you were thinking of buying a property, “everything points out to now, in 3 or 4 months, as being a better moment than it was in 2019”.


With the changes brought by the coronavirus, it is a buyers’ market, making an adjustment on the prices with a tendency to drop, pushing especially those who currently have liquid funds. Those wishing to buy shall pay attention to the opportunity window, it seems that this will be a good opportunity in the short and medium term.

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